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Company & payroll settings

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings > Settings tab.

  2. Set the toggle to 'Yes' for the advanced settings you want to activate for your company.

  3. Job titles – required if you use departments to organize employees for better reporting and if employees have more than one job assignment with different rates of pay. Navigate to the Company > More > Job titles tab to add roles.

  4. Departments – required to organize employees who have multiple assignments. Navigate to the Company > More > Departments tab to add departments.

  5. Multiple locations – useful if your business operates in multiple locations and employees or contractors work from different office locations. Navigate to the Company > More > Locations tab to add locations.

  6. Employees paid by direct deposit (default: Yes) – company level setting to enable or disable direct deposit for net payments to employees and contractors. Note: direct deposit requires payroll to be approved by 12pm EST three (3) working days prior to the desired pay date.

  7. Tax remitted for you (default: Yes) – company level setting to enable or disable Wagepoint from paying tax remittances automatically. 

  8. Auto-submit tax forms (default: Yes) – company level setting to allow Wagepoint to submit year-end forms to the government on your behalf. If it's set to No, the employer is responsible for submitting the information to the CRA and giving staff their T4s/T4As/RL1s.
  9. Payroll timesheet format – select the timesheet format (decimals or time) in which employee work hours will be recorded.

  10. My employee account – select the employee account associated with you (the payroll administrator). Allows you to access your employee and administrator account using admin login credentials.

  11. Save changes to activate/deactivate tabs.

P.S. You can also personalize your Wagepoint account by adding an Avatar from within the Account settings > Company settings tab. 

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