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Remit workers’ compensation taxes

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings > Settings tab.

  2. Calculate/remit workers’ compensation – set the toggle to yes and save changes. Note: employers are responsible for reporting insurable earnings and gross wages to the respective provincial workers’ compensation agency. Once enabled, workers’ compensation taxes are remitted as per the remittance schedule indicated in the Company info tab. 

  3. Navigate to the Company > More > Workers Compensation  tab. 

  4. Click “Add rate.”

  5. Province – select the province in which your company has registered with the workers’ compensation agency. Learn more

  6. Account # – enter your company’s account number with the workers’ compensation agency. Note: if you are registered with Worksafe BC, enter the 7-digit e-Banking number as your account #. 

  7. Rate – enter the rate assigned to your company. Note: rates vary by industry and province so check with your provincial workers’ compensation agency to ensure that you are using the correct rate for your industry. 

  8. Maximum wage – enter the maximum assessable / insurable earnings. Learn more

  9. Navigate to an employee’s Job tab to assign the workers’ compensation rate that applies to them as per their province of employment. You’ll need to do this for all job assignments that need to have workers’ compensation calculated.

  10. The default setting is “Not applicable”, which excludes the employee from the workers’ compensation calculation. 

  11. Save changes to update the employee’s record with their workers’ compensation rate.

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