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Manage client billing

  1. Click the icon to add a client. 
  2. Billing setup > Client will pay the fees – selecting this option means that Wagepoint’s processing fees will be billed directly to the client when payroll is finalized. The fees will be debited from the client’s bank account along with the total payroll amount.
  3. Billing setup > Firm will pay the fees – if you pay Wagepoint’s fees on behalf of your clients, select this option and we’ll send you an invoice at the start of each month for all the payrolls you process. Note: you need to have a verified bank account on file in order to use this billing option.
  4. Invoices are generated at the end of each month and emailed to the administrators for your firm's account. The invoice amount is collected from the bank account we have on file for your accounting/bookkeeping firm. Note: Account owners are the only users who can set up banking information for the accounting/bookkeeping firm.
  5. Contact if you selected the wrong billing set up for a client. 
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