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Accountants and bookkeepers who use Wagepoint to process payroll for their clients can be set up to add multiple clients to their master account. 

  1. Log in to your Wagepoint account.

  2. In the dashboard, click the + icon in the left-hand navigation bar. Note: Only account owners and partner administrators can add new clients to your firm’s master account. 

  3. Company name – enter the legal name of your client’s company

  4. Where are the employees located? – select the country where the employees are located and paid

  5. Who else should have access to this client’s account? – by default, account owners and partner administrators have access to all new clients added to your firm’s account. This field is optional and allows you to select the client administrators i.e. the users who will be responsible for managing the client’s payroll.

  6. Billing setup – 

    1. Client will pay the fees – selecting this option means that Wagepoint’s processing fees will be billed directly to the client when payroll is finalized. The fees will be debited from the client’s bank account along with the total payroll amount. 

    2. Firm will pay the fees – if you pay Wagepoint’s fees on behalf of your clients, select this option and we’ll send you an invoice at the start of each month for all the payrolls you process. Note: you need to have a verified bank account on file in order to use this billing option. Account owners are the only users who can set up banking information for the accounting/bookkeeping firm. 

  7. Click [Add] – you’ll have the option to proceed with the setup of the company, or you can choose to complete it at a later time.

  8. All active clients are listed in the Client directory tab. 

  9. In the Client directory tab, you can see the payroll readiness status for each of your clients. Click the company name to view their profile, or to log in to their account.

We’ve also added a quick login icon and a client switcher in the navigation bar, so you can move between client accounts faster.  

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