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Setup access to online paystubs and year-end reports

Employees and contractors who are setup to access their Wagepoint accounts online will be able to view and print their paystubs and year-end reports. They can also update their address and banking details.

  1. Navigate to the Employees > Employees or Contractors tab.
  2. Employees and contractors who have an email address on file will have an active envelope icon in the 'Tools' column. Note: the icon will be disabled if there is no email address on file. Click the edit ( ✎ ) icon to edit / add an email address in the Person tab.
  3. Click the envelope icon to send an email invitation to the employee. The email contains their username and temporary password. 
  4. Once the employee logs into their Wagepoint account, they will be prompted to update their password. 
  5. Dashboard – the home page displays all paystubs that have been generated in Wagepoint. Click “Details” to view or print a paystub.

  6. My info – employees can update their address and change their password in this tab. 

  7. Work info – employees can view basic employment details like their pay rate, hire date, status of employment (active or terminated), job title and department. Note: employees do not have the ability to edit their employment details. 

  8. Bank info – employees can setup their bank account for direct deposit. Note: employers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of bank account details prior to processing payroll. 

To access the employee portal, go to and enter the username associated with your employee account. Administrators can see username details in the Account settings > User accounts tab. 

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