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Print employee paycheques

The cheque printing feature in Wagepoint allows you to print a cheque for an employee's net pay amount. 

Note: our current cheque print functionality has been designed for the cheque stock voucher format - Sage Laser # 630-02. Print a sample on blank white paper to confirm that the text aligns correctly with your cheque stock.

  1. Navigate to the Reports > More > Deposit summary tab. 
  2. If you have multiple pay groups, select the paygroup.
  3. Payroll end cycle date – select the cycle end date to view the deposit summary report associated with that payroll.
  4. In the 'Cheque payments' section, click the "Print cheque" link to open a PDF of the cheque image in a print dialog window. Note: for optimal alignment, ensure that you don't adjust the scale of the image or fit to window.
  5. Click "Print."
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