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LessAccounting integration

If you use LessAccounting to manage your company's accounting needs, you can now integrate Wagepoint with your LessAccounting account to import all your necessary payroll reports.

1. Select "Add-ons" from the drop down menu, beside your avatar, at the top of the page.

2. The page will default to the "Integrations" tab, listing the various product integrations Wagepoint offers. To integrate with LessAccounting, click "Get the App".

3. Before you can enable the integration, you will first need to set Wagepoint up as a Trusted Member via your LessAccounting account.

a. To do this, log in to your LessAccounting account and select Settings > Members.

b. Add Wagepoint as a Trusted Member using the following details:

Their name: Wagepoint

Their email address:

Check off "Invite as a trusted member" and then click to Save

4. Once you've added Wagepoint as a Trusted Member in your LessAccounting account, you'll be ready to start the integration setup.

5. In your Wagepoint account, click the drop down menu found along the top left hand side of the app and select Add-Ons.

6. On the Add-Ons page, you will be find LessAccounting listed under Accounting Integrations.

7. Click "Get the App" and you'll be required to enter your LessAccounting subdomain at this point. Keep in mind that you have to add Wagepoint as a Trusted Member before you can do this step. 

a. Your LessAccounting subdomain has to be entered exactly as it is seen in your LessAccounting account, and it can be found via Settings > Business name & Email. If you change your subdomain in LessAccounting at anytime, you have to make that edit in Wagepoint as well. 

8. You can now start mapping your invoice items to your LessAccounting Expense directory.

9. Once the integration set up has been completed, you will see an option to export your Wagepoint Invoice to LessAccounting. You can export invoices by Payroll End Cycle dates. 

10. These exported Wagepoint invoices will show up under your LessAccounting Transactions > Expenses.

11. By default, LessAccounting only shows you the past ninety days. If you are exporting expenses from a period further back than ninety days, you will need to update your filters to show a longer period of time.

Any export you send to LessAccounting can be deleted at any time, and you can turn off the integration by clicking the "Deactivate the app" button at any time by going back to the Add-ons page.

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