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Remittance report

The Remittance report shows a recap of all remittances calculated for the year. If Wagepoint collects and pay taxes on your behalf, this report outlines all the payments that have been made to the government. 

Note: you can verify that payments are remitted by logging into your CRA business account.

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Remittance report tab.
  2. Select the year from the dropdown menu. 

This report includes –

  • CRA payroll account number
  • Pay date – the remittance deadlines are based on the pay date. For e.g. if the pay date falls on July 10 and your company is set to a non-accelerated remittance schedule, the taxes will be submitted to the CRA / Revenu Québec by August 15.
  • Number of employees paid on the payroll
  • Total source deductions calculated on the payroll – this includes federal and provincial taxes as well as employer and employee CPP / EI contributions
  • EHT / HSF payments
  • Total gross payroll amount on the payroll
  • Year-to-date totals of source deductions
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