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The Paystub lists details about the employee's pay, including taxes, deductions and the net pay. Learn more about customizing paystubs.

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Paystubs tab.
  2. If you have multiple pay groups, select the paygroup.
  3. Payroll end cycle date – select the cycle end date to view the paystubs for all employees processed on that payroll.

The paystub includes –

  • Employer name and address
  • Employee name and address
  • Pay period and pay date
  • Rate of pay
  • Job title and department - Primary assignment
  • Regular pay (current and YTD)
  • Regular hours (current and YTD)
  • Additional earnings (current and YTD) 
  • Federal taxes (current and YTD)
  • Provincial taxes (current and YTD)
  • CPP/QPP employee contributions (current and YTD)
  • EI employee contributions (current and YTD)
  • Deductions and benefits - employer and employee contributions (current and YTD)
  • Net pay (current and YTD)
  • Deposit information (masked bank details and deposit amount) 

Employees who are setup to access their Wagepoint employee accounts will be able to view their paystub online. 

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