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Add company holidays for statutory holiday pay calculations

  1. Navigate to the Company > Company holidays tab.

  2. Click “Load stat holidays” to activate statutory holiday pay calculations for your hourly employees. 

  3. Remove any holidays that do not apply to your province(s) of employment by clicking the trash icon. 

  4. Click “Remove all holidays” if you don’t want statutory holiday pay automatically calculated for your hourly employees. 

  5. Based off the holidays listed in the Company holidays tab, statutory holiday pay is automatically calculated for all hourly employees using the federal formula i.e. 1/20th of eligible earnings over the last two pay periods and added to the payroll using the Holiday pay income type. 

  6. Refer to your provincial employment standards for more accurate statutory holiday calculations. More

  7. Employers are responsible to determine whether employees are eligible to receive holiday pay. The stat holiday pay amount can be edited or zeroed out for non-eligible hourly employees when you process payroll. 

  8. For employees who work on a statutory holiday, use the income code Time worked on a holiday as it automatically calculates the hours worked at 1.5 x the hourly rate. More information about adding income types

  9. Click “Add a holiday” to include any company specific holidays to the list. 

  10. Holiday of – enter a description of the holiday you want to track.

  11. Date – use the calendar date picker to select the date of the holiday.

  12. Hours – enter the number of hours your employees can take off for the holiday.

  13. Save changes to add the holiday.

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