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Setup report share access

Report share users only have access to a specific company's payroll reports (.pdf and .csv) for a period of 30-days from when the reports become available. 

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Share reports tab.

  2. To share your payroll reports with people outside your company i.e. accountants, financial processing agents, etc., click “Add payroll reports user account.”

  3. First name – enter the first name.

  4. Last name – enter the last name.

  5. Email – enter the email address associated with the user.

  6. Permissions – specify the reports you want the user to be able to access. No other information will be shared with this user. 

  7. Save changes to add the new payroll reports user account.

  8. Edit the payroll reports user settings and permissions by clicking the edit icon ( ✎ )  next to their name in the Reports > Share reports tab.

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