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Receiver general

The Receiver general report breaks down the taxes calculated, both employer and employee contributions. 

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Receiver General tab.
  2. If you have multiple pay groups, select the paygroup.
  3. Payroll end cycle date – select the cycle end date to view the receiver general report associated with that payroll.

This report includes –

  • Income tax
  • EI
  • PPIP
  • Total amount to remit 
  • Gross payroll 
  • CRA number – Wagepoint will remit the taxes for the CRA payroll account number shown in this report. Navigate to the Company > Company info tab to update your CRA payroll account number. 
  • Deductions and benefits – Wagepoint withholds the applicable deductions e.g. medical, dental, health and other benefits from employee paycheques. The employer is responsible for paying the respective provider.

Note: you will need to remit taxes to the government manually using the amounts provided in this report, if you have disabled tax remittances in your company settings. 

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