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Administrator access

Enable administrator access for select employees

  1. Employees with administrator access will be able to see all personnel records, including banking details for both the company and its staff. Administrators also have the ability to process and approve payroll. 
  2. Only company administrators can create administrators by changing an employee's access level in the User Accounts tab. 
  3. Navigate to the Account Settings > User Accounts tab.
  4. Click the pencil ( ✎ ) next to the user.

  5. Access Level – select "Administrator" as the access level and save changes. 

  6. The next time the employee logs into Wagepoint, they can access the company account as well as their employee account using the same login credentials.

Setup a non-employee administrator

  1. Submit a written request to our customer support team at with the full name and email address of the person you wish to add to your company account as an administrator. 

  2. Only company administrators can request the addition of a non-employee administrator. 

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