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Request a Record of Employment (ROE)

Request ROE – set the toggle to Yes if you would like Wagepoint to prepare and submit the ROE to Service Canada electronically, on your behalf.

  1. A request is automatically sent to our support team via email with the details you provide at the time of termination i.e. termination date and reason for termination.
  2. The ROE is generated using payroll information available in the app. Please allow 2 - 3 working days for Wagepoint to prepare and submit the ROE electronically. Learn more about ROE deadlines.
  3. A copy of the submitted ROE is uploaded into the app and can be accessed from within the Reports > ROE files tab. Note: you do not need to give an employee a paper copy when you submit records electronically.
  4. Employees can access a copy of their ROE through their Service Canada account online. 

Keep in mind –

  1. Only information available in Wagepoint will be included in the ROE. Note: all prior payroll periods should already be reported to Service Canada by your previous primary officer / payroll provider. 
  2. Wagepoint should be authorized as the current Primary Officer for your company's ROE Web account. Note: there can only be one primary officer associated with the organization. Learn more
  3. Ensure all final payroll amounts are properly processed in Wagepoint. For e.g. if a severance is paid out by cheque, you need to process a payroll to record that payment in Wagepoint. 
  4. Do not terminate the employee if they still need to be paid. Once the payroll for the terminated employee has been finalized, you can begin the termination process in Wagepoint. Learn more
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