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Terminate an employee

  1. Navigate to the Employees > Employees or Contractors tab.

  2. Click the (x) icon next to the employee or contractor you wish to terminate. Note: do not terminate the employee after you approve payroll. Please wait until their final payroll is processed

  3. Also, if you are terminating an employee in the middle of a payroll period, you should process their final payment using an off-cycle payroll.  

  4. Last day worked – select the employee's date of termination. Note: this date usually coincides with the last day of work; however, in some cases, employees continue to receive insurable earnings after their last day of work. This occurs with paid leave, such as vacation or sick leave, earned days off, or salary continuance. Learn more

  5. Generate ROE (default: No) – leave the default setting as-is if you wish to prepare the ROE manually to include prior payroll periods not processed in Wagepoint. Note: if you have not signed the ROE web authorization form, Wagepoint cannot prepare the ROE on your behalf. Learn more about requesting ROEs.

  6. Reason for ROE – required for the purposes of issuing an ROE; select a reason from the list of available options provided by Service Canada. If you select Other (Code K00), you have to provide additional information. 

  7. Eligible for rehire – select whether the employee or contractor is eligible to be rehired in the future. This is an optional field. 

  8. Disable access (default: No) – set the toggle to 'Yes' if you do not want the terminated employee or contractor to continue to have access to their prior paystubs online. If you leave the default setting as it is, the terminated employee/contractor will be able to view and print past paystubs as well as their T4 / T4A / RL1 at year-end. Note: if you disable access, the employer is responsible for printing and mailing / handing out the T4 / T4A / RL1 form at year-end. 

Once the employee or contractor has been terminated, they will be listed in the Employees > Terminated employees tab.

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