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Enter year-to-date (YTD) amounts

  1. Navigate to the contractor's YTD amounts tab.
  2. YTD amounts – if  you are switching payroll providers and the contractor has been paid during the year, enter the YTD amounts off the contractor's most recent paystub.
  3. These amounts form the starting balances for the first payroll you process in Wagepoint. Note: YTD amounts have to be entered before you process your first payroll in Wagepoint. Any adjustments to YTD amounts after payroll has been processed will be charged at $10 per employee as per our Terms of Use
  4. Save changes.

Terminated contractors

  1. Enter YTD amounts for terminated contractors if you need T4A forms at year-end. Note: minimum of two payrolls need to be processed within the calendar year for Wagepoint to prepare and submit T4/T4A/RL-1 forms on your behalf. See Terms of Use.
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