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Add contractor profile information

  1. Navigate to the Employees > Contractors tab.

  2. Click “Add new contractor.”

  3. First name – enter your contractor’s first name.

  4. Last name – enter your contractor’s last name.

  5. Province – select your contractor's province of residence. 

  6. Paygroup – assign the payroll frequency with which the contractor will be paid. Note: employees and contractors can be added to the same paygroup if they are paid for the same payroll period at the same frequency and for the same pay date.

  7. Pay rate – enter the contractor’s gross rate of pay, without the $ symbol. 

  8. Pay type – select if the contractor is paid an hourly rate or an annual salary.

  9. Hire date – use the date picker to select the contractor’s start date. Note: contractors with hire dates in the future will not appear in payrolls until their hire date falls within the pay cycle. 

  10. Once you save the record, you will be directed to the contractor’s Person tab.

  11. Business name – enter the name of the contractor’s business. 

  12. Address – enter the address details associated with your contractor or their business. This information will be displayed on their paystub and T4A. Contractors with online access to the contractor portal can update their address directly. 

  13. Phone – enter the phone number used to contact the contractor.

  14. Email – add an email address to allow your contractor to access the employee portal online and receive email notifications when paystubs are available.

  15. Generate T4A – set the toggle to 'Yes' if you would like Wagepoint to prepare and submit the T4A at year-end.

  16. Vendor Type – identify if the contractor is an individual or associated with a larger business.

    • For a business contractor: CRA Number – enter their account number provided by the CRA, which follows the format i.e. 9-digit business number + RP + 0001 e.g.  123456789RP0001.

    • For an individual contractor: Social Insurance Number (SIN) – enter your contractor’s 9-digit SIN. 

  17. Save changes to complete the contractor profile.

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