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Setup employee for direct deposit

  1. Navigate to the employee’s Direct deposit tab.

  2. Click “Add bank account.”

  3. Priority – this determines the order in which the deposits are processed i.e. first priority accounts will be deposited before the next priority account will be considered.

  4. Amount – first priority accounts can be setup as a % or $ value but lowest priority accounts only accept 100%. 

  5. Branch – enter the branch or transit number associated with the employee's bank account. Learn more

  6. Bank name – select the bank from the list of options in the dropdown.

  7. Account number – enter the 5-17 digit account number associated with the employee's bank account.

  8. Account type – indicate if it is a chequing or savings account.

  9. Save the bank account details and the employee will be paid their net pay through direct deposit. 

Split employee direct deposit

  1. Navigate to an employee’s Direct deposit tab.

  2. To split an employee’s direct deposit, each bank account must have different priority levels. 

  3. To change a bank account’s priority, click the pencil ( ✎ ) and select a priority level from the dropdown list.

  4. Select the first priority account to edit.

  5. Amount – enter a $ or % amount of net pay that should be deposited in the first priority account.

  6. Save changes to the first priority account.

  7. Select the second priority account to edit. Note: the lowest priority account should always be set to 100%, which ensures that 100% of the remaining pay is deposited.

  8. Amount – enter the dollar amount or percentage of pay to be added to the second priority account. If you would like to deposit the remaining net pay amount after the first priority account has been fulfilled, the amount must be 100% (as in 100% of remaining pay).

  9. Save changes to the second priority account.

  10. Continue with lower level priority accounts. Ensure the amounts reflect the net pay left over after higher priority accounts have been deposited.

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