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Add employee profile details

  1. Navigate to the Employees > Employees tab.
  2. Click “Add new employee.”
  3. First name – enter your employee’s first name.
  4. Last name – enter your employee’s last name.
  5. Province – select your employee’s province of residence. The system will use this selection as the employee’s province of employment as well. Note: navigate to the employee's Tax info tab to change the province of employment.
  6. Paygroup – assign the payroll frequency with which the employee will be paid.
  7. Pay rate – enter the employee’s gross rate of pay, without the $ symbol. 
  8. Pay type – select if the employee is paid an hourly rate or an annual salary.
  9. Hire date – use the date picker to select the employee’s start date. Note: employees with hire dates in the future will not appear in payrolls until their hire date falls within the pay cycle. 
  10. Once you save the record, you will be directed to the employee’s Person tab.
  11. Birth date – enter your employee’s birth date. Note: employees below 18 years of age are exempt from contributions toward the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and CPP contributions will automatically be set to No in the employee’s Tax info tab.
  12. Social Insurance Number (SIN) – enter your employee’s 9-digit SIN. Note: request each new employee's SIN within three (3) days of the day on which their employment begins.
  13. Employee address – enter the address details for your employee. This information will be displayed on their paystub and year-end report i.e. T4, T4A, RL1. Employees with online access to the employee portal can update their address directly. 
  14. Email – add an email address to allow your employee to access the employee portal online and receive email notifications when paystubs are available.
  15. Save changes to complete the employee profile.
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