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Complete Record of Employment (ROE) web authorization

In order to have Wagepoint prepare and submit ROEs electronically on your behalf, you you need to complete and e-sign the ROE web authorization form found in the Company > ROE authorization tab.  

Important items to keep in mind –

  • All prior payroll data should be submitted to Service Canada through Change of provider ROEs before completing the ROE web authorization in Wagepoint.
  • Once we receive the signed form, Wagepoint will submit a request to Service Canada to allow us to become the Primary Officer for your company's ROE Web account. Note: there can only be one primary officer account associated with any organization.

Complete and e-sign the ROE Web authorization form

  1. Navigate to the Company > ROE authorization tab.

  2. ROE web authorization – Click “ESign now.” This will open a new window for the ROE Web Client Employer Consent Form.  

  3. Please disable any active pop-up blockers in order for the new eSign window to load properly.

  4. The form will be pre-populated with the information you’ve entered into Wagepoint. All fields highlighted in yellow can be edited. 

  5. Click the red asterisk (*) to esign the form. 

  6. The signed form will be sent to Service Canada for processing. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for Service Canada to process the authorization form. Note: during this time, Wagepoint cannot prepare electronic ROEs for any employees who experience an interruption in their earnings.  

  7. ROE contact information – enter the information for the primary company contact related to ROE filings.

  8. If you are unable to access the electronic form, download the PDF of the ROE Web authorization form, complete, scan and email the signed form to

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