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September 2020

We released the following features and bug fixes in Wagepoint on September 17, 2020.


  1. We've redesigned our Add-ons and Integrations experience in product to make it easier for you to find new apps that will improve your payroll workflows. 
  2. Intuit Single Sign-On (SSO) – use your Intuit login credentials to sign up or sign in to your Wagepoint account. Note: if you are an existing Wagepoint customer, you will be prompted to enter your Wagepoint credentials after clicking [Sign in with Intuit] for the first time. After you've done it once, you'll be able to access your Wagepoint account using your Intuit or Wagepoint credentials. 
  3. Automatic journal entries for QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration – we've redesigned the QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts mapping process and added functionality that will allow you to set up automatic journal entries in QBO. Learn more

Bug fixes

  1. Xero integration – we've updated how tax accounts are handled in the Xero integration to allow the system to better handle System Accounts. We've changed bills from being tax-inclusive to tax-exclusive, and we've added a new section to the Chart of Accounts mapping that will allow a customer to customize the mapping for their fees. 
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