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Welcome to Wagepoint!

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Hello! We’re so excited to have you here! 

Currently, QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll is powered by Wagepoint. Although you sign into QuickBooks Online, it’s Wagepoint that processes your payroll today. On November 27, 2020, we will step out from behind the scenes and you will begin working directly with us for payroll.

Rest assured that you’ll have the same features you’ve always enjoyed — at the same monthly pricing. Both QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll and Wagepoint bill per payroll, so there’s no change there either. 

The biggest change will simply be the look and feel. Instead of going to QuickBooks Online to run payroll, you’ll sign in directly to Wagepoint — and to make things even easier, we now have Intuit single sign-on (SSO). That means you can log in with the same email and password you use with QuickBooks Online. 

As you’ll be working with us, your support will also come from the Wagepoint Team — some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. 

Your historical data will continue to be available to you, but now it will be accessible directly through your Wagepoint account starting on November 27, 2020.

To help make this process as smooth as possible, we’ll be hosting a few webinars where you can familiarize yourself with Wagepoint — both as an app and a company. Sign up for a webinar.

Key dates to know:

  • November 27, 2020 — English-speaking customers
  • December 11, 2020 — French-speaking customers

After these dates, you can access your data and billing details in Wagepoint, unless you opt to switch to QuickBooks Online Payroll (formerly Standard Payroll). Once your historical payroll data is accessible, you’ll receive an email to log into Wagepoint. In theory, it’s going to feel like you’ve always been in our system. 

What's available to you now?

  • A new support team in one place

This means that you’ll only be in contact with Wagepoint employees who are trained to respond to issues relating to Wagepoint and its software — gone are the days of frustrating transfers between the Intuit QuickBooks and Wagepoint Customer Service Teams!

What our customers have to say

  • Intuit single sign-on (SSO)

We've implemented Intuit SSO in Wagepoint — this means that you’ll be able to sign up for a Wagepoint account using your Intuit credentials. More information can be found here

The automatic sync function lets you instantly create posting journal entries in QuickBooks Online every time a payroll is finalized in Wagepoint. Note: You can still manually export this information if this is your preference.

Your current Chart of Accounts mapping data WILL NOT be affected — this means you won't have to spend much time on the mapping process as the information is already there. If any information is missing, an orange (!) icon will show up next to the tab. 

Through the automatic sync function, two separate journal entries will appear in QuickBooks Online as soon as payroll is finalized in Wagepoint:

Journal Entry 1

Syncs to your QuickBooks Online account on the day payroll is run.

Debits the clearing accounts and credits the bank account.

Journal Entry 2

Syncs to your QuickBooks Online account on the pay date.

Credits the clearing account debits expenses and liabilities.

If you use TSheets by QuickBooks to manage employee schedules and track time, you can easily import approved hours from TSheets into Wagepoint.

If you have a payroll that’s pretty much the same every time and could really run itself — let it with our convenient auto-approve feature. Note: You must meet certain criteria to enable the auto-run functionality. (See the link above.)

Do you or any of your employees have a preference for paper cheque(s)? The cheque printing feature in Wagepoint lets you print a cheque for an employee's net pay amount. 

  • Comprehensive income and deduction codes — preset and custom

We offer a more extensive list of deduction and income types for you to choose from.

If you can’t find an earning or deduction type in the list or want to create more than one version of the same code, you must send a request to our Support Team through our software. Our Support Team will create the custom deduction code within 1-3 business days and notify you via email when the code has been created. 

Deduction types

Income types


Charitable donation

Critical illness


Dependent life insurance



Life insurance





Profit sharing


RRSP (LCF – tax credit)


Supplemental life insurance

Taxable benefit

Taxable benefit non-insurable

Union dues

Union fringe

Union special



Bonus – discretionary

Bonus – work-related

Car allowance



Controlled tips

Direct tips

Double overtime

Expense allowance

Expense reimbursement

Miscellaneous pay

Other pay


Pay in lieu of notice

Regular pay

Retro pay

RRSP earned


Sick pay

Stat holiday

Taxable benefit

Time worked on a stat holiday

Vacation pay

In addition to the standard reports, you now have access to a number of reports like:

- Employee details

- Deductions register

- Net payroll report

- One line employee register

- One line payroll register

- Quarterly WSIB report

- Payroll by cycles (.csv) / Payroll hours by cycles (.csv)

From displaying employer tax contributions toward CPP and EI to adding your company logo, you can now customize how your paystubs look and when your employees can view them.

  • Automated Records of Employment (ROEs) to Service Canada

If Wagepoint is authorized to prepare and submit an ROE to Service Canada on your behalf, then an ROE must be requested. As opposed to doing this by yourself, a request is automatically sent to our support team via email with the details you provide at the time of termination.

What's no longer supported?

  • Automatic duplication of income and deduction codes

To duplicate an income or deduction code, you must send a request to our Support Team through our software. Our Support Team will create the custom deduction code within 1-3 business days and notify you via email when the code has been created. 

  • Custom reporting filters

Even though we don’t have custom reporting filters, you now have access to a larger variety of reports that will provide you with the information you need for any reason — for example, general accounting or compliance. While you won’t be able to filter reports like you did in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll, you’ll still have the same kind of granularity.

Getting help.

We take customer support very seriously and want you to know that help is always nearby! Here are some ways you can find support in Wagepoint: 

Our knowledge base

While you’re using the app, you’ll notice an orange tab in the bottom corner of the screen that says, “Got a Question?” When you click it, you’ll see a list of relevant articles housed in our knowledge base based on the page you’re on. You can also search the articles to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Submitting a ticket

In the same pop up, you can also send in a ticket straight to support. The app will use your admin contact email to have support communicate directly with you.

Contacting support

Along with in-app tickets, you can always contact support by email. Our friendly Support Team is always available to help you and answer any questions you may have:

  • Email: — when you send a support inquiry, we receive it and start working on it as soon as we can. We try to get you a response within 24 hours. Check your email for support replies — it’s our main form of communication with you.

Support for Accountants and Bookkeepers

We have a section in our knowledge base dedicated to accounting/bookkeeping partners where you can get step-by-step set up instructions such as how to add and manage client accounts or request report share access.

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