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July 2020

We released the following features and bug fixes in Wagepoint on July 30, 2020.


  1. Remittance report – we've updated this report to include a filter that will allow a user to view the taxes we've calculated for each payroll based on the specific tax agency. Note: the remittance report does NOT reflect any invoice adjustments that were done in the scope of the 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy program. 
  2. Added a new SEP IRA deduction 
  3. Maximum wage – The maximum wages subject to the WCB/WSIB calculation is defined for each province and stored in the database. Currently, we treat the field as an open field, and even though it is an optional field, the user can enter a value in this field. We've adjusted it to a read-only field, and we display the provincial maximum wage based on the user's provincial selection. This read-only value will update dynamically based on the user's provincial selection. 
  4. If an employer sets up a Business contractor, and the user has entered a Business name, we now display both the contractor's name and the name of their business on the paystub report.
  5. We've updated the Receiver General report to include taxable benefits in the gross payroll amounts. Note: this update affects prior reports as well. 
  6. Income and deduction codes will now be displayed alphabetically in the table view if accessed from the company or employee's income and deduction tabs.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented client administrators from seeing their full list of clients in the accountant dashboard. We've also fixed the issue that prevented a partner administrator from getting access to all the clients of an accounting or bookkeeping firm in the accountant dashboard. If an accounting or bookkeeping firm adds a new partner administrator, this user will now automatically get added to all the associated client accounts as expected.
  2. Fixed a bug in the mass deduction update functionality that prevented users from updating employer amounts for the taxable benefit and taxable benefits non-insurable deduction codes. We've also fixed the issue that prevented a user from entering 0.00 in the mass update screens.
  3. Users can now delete a paygroup if it has not been used in payroll.
  4. Fixed the issue so that the alert notifying employers that they need to print, sign and mail their RL1 summary is now displayed on the RL1 Files tab for the 2019 year-end reports.
  5. Adjusted the functionality in the payroll processing screens so that clicking the Pay? toggle options work correctly if you click the label or the toggle setting.
  6. Updated the QBO integration disconnection process to ensure that the company is fully disconnected from QBO in addition to removing the linked vendor and chart of accounts mapping data. 
  7. Fixed the issue that prevented data from being displayed correctly in an employee's paystub if they had multiple job assignments and one of those jobs were no longer active.


  1. We've removed the P.O. Box warning on the Company info tab to minimize confusion. Note: you still need to enter a physical address for your company location. 
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