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April 2020

We released the following features and bug fixes in Wagepoint on April 16, 2020.

Features & enhancements

  • Added functionality to the accountant dashboard to allow users to update their password directly through the dashboard
  • Added validation to prevent a user from disabling/enabling direct deposit payments while payroll is pending finalization

  • Updated the Quarterly WCB report to show the amount that the WCB was calculated on, not the total gross payroll (as not all earnings or taxable benefits should be included).

  • Updated the custom income/deduction modal to add box 40 for the T4 options, box J for the RL1 options, added BC Employer Health Tax as an option and an input field for notes

  • Users can now see current vacation balances for employees that accrue vacation while completing the payroll process (on Hourly and Salary screens) as well as when the employer is paying out vacation using the Vacation pay income code in the employee's Income tab
  • Clients who use salary components will now have the ability to view all their available components, disable them (if needed) and make rate adjustments
  • Added new cheque stocks – QBO voucher stock (new default print option) and QBO standard stock. We've also added functionality to allow customers to print multiple cheques with a single click.

Bug fixes

  • Updated the ROE Earnings report to include taxable benefits
  • Updated the Payroll by cycles report to include employee contributions toward deductions/taxable benefits
  • Fixed the bug that was using the wrong company name on the email invites triggered through the Accountant dashboard
  • Updated the Bill export to QBO to exclude workers' compensation amounts if the WSIB/WCB remittance toggle is disabled
  • Fixed the bug that logs an administrator out of the accountant dashboard after they set up their new password to complete the signup process

  • Fixed the bug that prevented the 10% subsidy from calculating for new customers who disabled their tax remittances and then enabled it again

  • Updated the logic used in our referral program to properly apply the discounts for referred and referring customers

  • The holiday pay will now calculate for all holidays in the pay period if more than one stat holiday falls into the pay period.

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