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Payroll Tasks

The Payroll Tasks tab has three sections: 

  • Payroll due today by 12 pm ET

  • Payroll due this week

  • Payroll due next week

The list of clients displayed depends on the user’s access type. Account owners and Partner administrators can see all clients who have a payroll due today, this week or next week. Additionally, these user types can also filter payroll tasks due today by a specific administrator. 

Client administrators will only see the payroll tasks for their assigned companies. 

  1. Click Run payroll to log in to the client’s account, and you are automatically directed to the payroll tab. 

  2. If a company has multiple pay groups, we’ll display the paygroup for which payroll is due and clicking the Run payroll link will direct you to the pay period and pay date selection step in the payroll process. 

If you miss the processing deadline cut-off, you’ll see a new section i.e. Past due – we list all the clients for whom you need to select another pay date for direct deposit. Alternatively, if you want to keep the same pay date, the employer will be required to write manual cheques to pay their employees.

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