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December 2019

We released the following features and bug fixes in Wagepoint on December 7, 2019.


  1. Dashboard for our accountant and bookkeeping partners – a new interface to help our partners manage and process payroll for their clients. 
  2. Mass updates for deduction types – the ability to add and update deductions for all your employees at once. 
  3. Deputy integration – update to separate overtime from regular hours
  4. TSheets integration – update to refresh token on each API call to prevent the integration connection from disconnecting
  5. Content fixes – added all the reasons for ROE with the corresponding Service Canada code in the employee termination modal, updates to the employee invitation email and the employee address change notification. 

Bug fixes

  1. Deduction register and Employee detail reports – fixed the bug that causes extra columns to appear if there is a comma and the order in which the columns are displayed. 
  2. Added validation to prevent a user from deleting a WCB rate if it has been used in a payroll
  3. Updated the company selector page to display the DBA name so users with access to more than one company can now find the right company faster
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