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June 2019

We released the following features and bug fixes in Wagepoint on June 20, 2019.


  1. Monthly pay period forecasting – added a new field to the creation of monthly paygroups that will let companies indicate if their monthly pay periods always end on the last day of the month. If the user selects Yes, the pay period end date will automatically fall on the last day of the month. 
  2. Filter user accounts – added filters to let administrators organize user accounts by access type, account and employment status.
  3. HSF rate – added field validation to prevent users from entering negative values
  4. Time-based earning codes – updated Double Overtime earning code so that it accepts hours (instead of $ amounts) in the payroll processing screen. The hours entered will be calculated at 2 x hourly rate. 
  5. Employee switcher search functionality – improved the search to allow employers to use both first and last names to narrow results. 
  6. Remittance report – updated the report to include the initial collection of EHT (processed manually) to allow for better reconciliation of tax remittances. 

Luna – Features/enhancements

  1. Google calendar integration – this new feature will let employers connect a Google calendar to their Luna account via the Configure > Settings menu. When a manager approves leave, an event will be created in the company's Google Calendar for the leave date. If the leave is deleted, it will automatically be removed from the calendar as well. This integration is in addition to the ICS Calendar File that is included in the approval emails to both the employee and supervisor who approved the leave. The ICS File allows the employee and supervisor to import the leave on their personal calendar. Note: you can only connect a single Google Calendar account. 

Bug fixes

  1. Hours (CSV) import – updated the CSV import to include the time-based earning code flag. This update ensures that the Hours (CSV) import excludes any earning codes that are not tracked in hours.
  2. Contractors payroll account numbers – fixed a bug that prevented employers from saving the payroll account number for a contractor whose vendor type is Business. The update also supports the entry of RS, RC and RT account numbers.
  3. Year-to-date report – added validation to prevent the report from erroring if a company with no payrolls processed yet accesses the Year-to-date report tab. 
  4. Off-cycle toggle – fixed a bug that caused the off-cycle setting to switch back to No if the user refreshes or tabs away from the payroll process. 
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