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Track integration

Wagepoint’s Track system allows administrators to track employee hours to be automatically updated into the payroll system.

Activating Track in your Wagepoint account

  • Navigate to the Add-ons tab under your avatar.
  • In the “Time Management” section, locate the Track app and click “Activate.” Note: activating Track does not trigger an invoice automatically. Pricing varies by active employees using the app, which will be set up later after activation.

Setting up Track

  • Navigate to the new Track tab under your avatar.
  • Click “Edit” next to each employee you would like to set up to use Track.
  • Track user – click “Yes” if they will be using Track.
  • Please choose a time tracking type – choose a time card or time sheet. Employees can clock in and out through Track on a time card or enter hours on a time sheet.
  • Approver – choose an employee from the dropdown list to approve the hours entered by the Track employee.
  • Backup approver – choose an employee from the dropdown list who can approve hours in case the primary approver is not available i.e. vacation, travel, etc.
  • Save changes to set up an employee with Track.
  • Set up all employees that will be using the Track system to count hours for payroll.
  • Click “Next step.”
  • Setup overtime rules – choose one from the eight overtime rules that best fits your company. This allows for correct payroll calculations based on hours recorded through Track. Click “Next step.”
  • Choose your reminder schedule – choose one of four emails to remind approvers (and backup approvers) to review time cards and time sheets for payroll. Note: you cannot import time not approved into Wagepoint for payroll processing. Choosing an automatic reminder schedule can help prevent problems or delays in payroll.
  • Click “Save and continue to Track.”

Administrators – approve and adjust the time entries

  • Navigate to the Track > Manager actions tab.
  • Today’s punch status – see the status of all Track employees’ time cards: time tracking type, current status, and action.
  • Adjust time – edit an employee’s time card or sheet. Click “Edit” next to an employee’s name and update hours or clock in/out times for the current pay cycle. Note: you can only make adjustments to employees for whom you are authorized to approve time.
  • Approve time – review and approve submitted time for those employees' that you are authorized to approve time.


  • Missed punch report – a list of all employees, their approvers, and their missed punches for the pay cycle.
  • Adjusted time report – a list of all employees, their approvers, and their adjusted times for the pay cycle.
  • Approved time report – a list of all employees, their approvers, and the status of their regular and overtime hours. If approved, the number of hours for each category will be listed.
  • Payroll history – a list of each employee’s approved daily time history for a payroll run, including regular hours, overtime, double overtime.
  • Card/sheet history – a daily history of timecard punches and work hours during a selected time period for individual employees or all employees, separated by time card and timesheet users. 
  • Weekly totals – a spreadsheet of all employees’ daily hours for a given week.
  • Punched photos download – a download folder containing all punched photos for employees (if photos are enabled for the mobile app).

Advanced settings

  • Navigate to the Track > Configure tab
  • Employee setup – edit information or add employees to Track. Click “Edit” next to an employee’s name to edit tracking type, approver, backup approver, and overtime rule override. Click “Save.”
  • Location settings – add GPS location restrictions for your employees to prevent clocking off-site. Add multiple locations if applicable.
  • Overtime rules – choose an option from eight overtime rules that best applies to your company.
  • Reminder schedule – choose a notice/reminder option from four choices to notify all approvers of upcoming deadlines.
  • Time rounding – enable time card punches to round up or down to the nearest 15-minute interval. Note: to ensure you cover all time possibilities, the total of your minutes before and minutes after the quarter hour should equal 15 i.e. 7 minutes before and 8 minutes after.
  • IP restrictions – limit IP address ranges to ensure employees are tracking time from a company location (if applicable). Enter the IP address range that applies to your network. If you are using an internal router, make sure you use the IP address or range that is issued by your Internet provider. Note: restricting IP address range requires all employees to be logged into your network in order for them to use the Track application.
  • Week start day – choose a start day for the work week. This selection will affect how approval screens are displayed and when overtime calculations should take into effect.
  • Mobile app settings – choose requirements for a photo and/or GPS coordinates for employees while using the mobile Track app.

Employees – tracking time worked each day

  • Log into your Wagepoint account. Navigate to the Track tab by clicking your avatar in the top right corner.

  • Navigate to the Time clock tab.

  • Click “Record time.”

  • Click “Clock in” to begin your recorded time for the day if you are a time card employee and “Clock out” to end your recorded time for the day if you are a time card employee. 

  • Enter your hours for the day on the weekly calendar if you are set up to use timesheets.

  • Print time sheet – print your week’s time sheet for your personal records.

  • Navigate to the My payroll history tab to view recorded hours from past pay periods. Click “Details” to view the daily hours submitted for a pay period.

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