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7shifts integration

If you use 7shifts for timekeeping, you can now integrate with Wagepoint so that importing work hours into payroll is even easier.

Before you start:

  • Your company should be set up (have an active account) in both Wagepoint and 7shifts.

Setup 7shifts integration

  1. Click the "Add-ons" link from the drop-down menu next to the avatar icon.

  2. Select 7shifts and click "Get this app."

  3. Enter the API key for your 7shifts account. This information can be found by clicking the dropdown menu under your avatar in the top right corner, selecting Company settings > API tab. 

  4. Click "Log in."

  5. If you have more than one location set up in your 7shifts account, select the location you want to connect to the Wagepoint account you are logged into. 

Mapping employees and job roles

  1. Employee mapping – all the employees set up in your 7shifts account (for a specific location, if applicable) will be displayed. We auto-suggest employee names if there is a clear match between the first and last names in 7shifts and Wagepoint. Note: we highlight the suggestions with a “blue border” around the name, so you need to save all your selections to complete this step first in order to proceed to map the job roles
  2. Review the suggestions and select the corresponding employee record in Wagepoint from the dropdown menu for any employees that have not been mapped. 
  3. Click Save. You will be automatically redirected to the Job roles mapping tab. Note: employees who are not mapped in the first step will be excluded from the job roles mapping tab. 
  4. Job roles mapping – in this step, we display a list of all the mapped employees and their roles in 7shifts. 
  5. Select the corresponding job assignment in Wagepoint for that employee’s role. Your selection will be auto-saved.
  6. If an employee has multiple roles set up in 7shifts and Wagepoint, you have to map each role in 7shifts to their corresponding role in Wagepoint. Note: each role in 7shifts has to be mapped to a unique role in Wagepoint. 
  7. If a selection is not made for a role in 7shifts, we will not import any hours into Wagepoint for that role. 

Importing hours from 7shifts into Wagepoint

  1. Click "Import 7shifts hours" – this button will be displayed when you are processing payroll for hourly employees.
  2. The total approved hours recorded for the selected pay period will be imported from the Time clocking tab in 7shifts for all employees who have an account in both apps.
  3. Any unapproved time will not be imported into Wagepoint. If there are missing hours, go back into your 7shifts account to approve all pending hours and re-process the payroll in Wagepoint.
  4. Regular hours will be displayed as a function of time (hours worked) in the “Hours” column in Wagepoint. Note:  regular hours imported includes overtime and vacation hours since the 7shifts API doesn't currently support this functionality. If OT or vacation hours are present, import the approved regular hours from 7shifts, adjust the regular hours, and manually add OT/vacation hours by adding income types and entering the corresponding hours. 
  5. Once the hours have been reviewed and no further changes are required, click “Next” to continue processing payroll.

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